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LISTENING: Go to the Listening Page and do the following listenings:

a) Do you eat junk food? After answering the questions click on ENVIAR.

b) Do the listening Mike talking to his mum (Photocopies from the workbook, pg 13, ex.4&5). Answer the questions.

GRAMMAR: Go to the Grammar Page and do the exercises you will find in the following links:

  • Present Simple/Present Continuous.
  • Present Simple/Present Continuous/Past Simple.
1. When you complete the exercises make a screen shot.
2. Cut and paste the screen shot onto a word document.
3. Save the document and print it out.
4. Hand it in on Friday 28 October 🙂

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Go to:

1.  Grammar : Present Simple vs Present Continuous

2. Listening: Do you eat junk food?

3. Homework: A Balanced Diet 

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1. Watch the animation A Balanced Diet.

2. Answer the questions in the test after watching the animation.

3. Write the questions and answers in your notebooks.

To watch the animation click on the link A Balanced Diet



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